2016 Lincoln MKX vs 2016 Cadillac SRX
2016 Lincoln MKX 2016 Cadillac SRX
$38,100 Price $37,605
Standard Active Noise Control N/A
Standard Heated Seats Optional
Standard Keyless Access/Remote Start Optional

2016 Lincoln MKX vs 2016 Cadillac SRX

2016 Lincoln MKX interior features

The MKX is Lincoln’s premium crossover SUV with more standard power and more space for passengers and cargo. Cadillac’s SRX is a similarly positioned alternative that compares favorably to the MKX. Let’s take a look at the 2016 Lincoln MKX vs 2016 Cadillac SRX and see how these two models stack up. The first thing to be aware of in this comparison is that the MKX commands a $500 price premium to the SRX. When paying more for a vehicle, buyers expect more standard features, and that’s exactly what they get with the MKX.

Active noise control, heated seats and keyless access with remote starting are standard features on the Lincoln MKX that you have to pay much more to get on the Cadillac SRX. At the price point of these models, we think shoppers should expect to get these basic comfort and convenience features from any vehicle, so it’s surprising to not see them included on the SRX.

Differences between the 2016 Lincoln MKX and 2016 Cadillac SRX

Creature comforts aside, the picture becomes very clear when you crunch the numbers and compare the specs of these two vehicles. Both have V-6 engines with similar power figures, but that doesn’t tell the whole story of performance. The Lincoln MKX is nearly a half second faster zero to 60 mph (6.3 seconds vs 6.7) and faster in the quarter mile acceleration test (14.8 seconds vs 15.1), all while getting higher highway fuel economy 26 mpg vs 24). And the MKX has an available twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine that delivers even better performance and economy. The SRX only has one powertrain option.

When you learn the MKX has better performance than the SRX, you may think it’s because the MKX is a smaller vehicle. In fact, the MKX is the larger vehicle, and it has the personal space to match. Across the board, from headroom to legroom, the Lincoln MKX has bigger dimensions to give passengers all the space they want. The MKX also offers significantly more cargo space in standard configuration (37.2 cubic feet vs 29.8) and with all seats folded down (68.8 cubic feet vs 61.1).

Plainly, in every measurable way and in every subjective way, we think the Lincoln MKX is superior to the Cadillac SRX. And you get all that for not much more money at all. To experience the difference for yourself, we invite you to visit Lidtke Motors in Beaver Dam, WI.

2016 Lincoln MKX performance cargo space